GTA Online: Transform Races creator goes live

Errr... the "The Crew 2" comes to GTA V today

Playground Games acquires talent from other well-known franchises

The studio that brought us Forza Horizon dreams big and acquires the talent to make it a reality.

Five cybersmart video game characters

Five characters in video games who won't easily be scammed.

Microtransactions makes up nearly half the income for Take-Two Interactive

Thanks gamers, you're making Take-Two Interactive a small fortune.

Rockstar speaks up on lack of GTA V single-player DLC

Rockstar finally explains why players never got the chance to return to Los Santos alone.

Video: GTA V Online: Smuggler’s Run is now live

You are going to need some serious bank if you want to be a proper smuggler.

Video: NaturalVision Remastered makes GTA V border on photorealism

Would you like GTA V to look almost photorealistic? Try out this mod.

Video: Liberty City in GTA 5 mod gets shut down

The massively ambitious mod that puts the whole of GTA IV in GTA V will never see the light of day.

5 games that were not afraid to push the boundaries

Sometimes that dash of reality is what makes a game stick with you months after you are done.

Video: Check all of Terminator 2: Judgment day’s best scenes recreated in GTA V

What do you mean you weren't planning on watching Terminator today?

Video: GTA Online goes the Micro Machines route with their Tiny Racers DLC in April

It’s now been years since last we saw tiny cars racing each other from a top-down perspective, and this year we now have Micro Machines: World Series arriving and now we have Rockstar jumping in on the action too. You’d just about think that they’re spoiling the party for Codemasters, but we think it’s just one big coincidence. GTA V is a game that really can’t stop g...

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