GTA V is very likely going to be free on the Epic Games Store

They're giving out free trips to Los Santos.

GTA V has now sold a whopping 95 million units

Take-Two is laughing all the way to the bank.

GTA V is now the best selling media property ever

GTA V has been raking in the dough so much that it got into the hall of fame.

GTA Online: Transform Races creator goes live

Errr... the "The Crew 2" comes to GTA V today

Playground Games acquires talent from other well-known franchises

The studio that brought us Forza Horizon dreams big and acquires the talent to make it a reality.

Five cybersmart video game characters

Five characters in video games who won't easily be scammed.

Microtransactions makes up nearly half the income for Take-Two Interactive

Thanks gamers, you're making Take-Two Interactive a small fortune.

Rockstar speaks up on lack of GTA V single-player DLC

Rockstar finally explains why players never got the chance to return to Los Santos alone.

Video: GTA V Online: Smuggler’s Run is now live

You are going to need some serious bank if you want to be a proper smuggler.

Video: NaturalVision Remastered makes GTA V border on photorealism

Would you like GTA V to look almost photorealistic? Try out this mod.

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