Guitar Hero

If you bought Guitar Hero Live in the US, you might get a refund

If you bought the game while it was dying, you might be eligible to get your money back.

Remember Guitar Hero? It’s much different now

Guitar Hero may be dead, but the masters of finger gymnastics have found new challenges to master.

Burning Question: Have games influenced your musical taste?

Games are not always just a tool for entertainment. Sometimes they serve as the catalyst for opening the mind and soul for some new and phenomenal music.

I’ve played way too much Guitar Hero

I’m what you would call an obsessive gamer. Since I’ve had a lot of free time as a youngster and no real social life to speak of, I’ve played a lot of games. Since I was an achievement “hunter” as well, I played the living hell out every game I could get my oily little hands on. This series is a counter to Jarred’s frankly blasphemous “Honesty Hour” ...

There was nearly a Guitar Hero MMO spin-off?

Freestyle Games did not quite reach the heights in this generation with Guitar Hero Live as Harmonix and Neversoft did in the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii era. Set your mind back to the mid to late 00’s and you’ll recall a world that was all but obsessed with the Guitar Hero franchise. There was just something very special about holding that plastic guitar in your hand and playing your favour...

Review: Guitar Hero Live (PS4)

Guitar Hero returns, but does it rock the crowds, or leave them wondering?

Now it’s Guitar Hero’s Turn to Add New Songs

It seems like this is the week to discuss games in the Music Genre, which is totally understandable considering the games are making their return soon. You may recall that on Monday I discussed the two games (Guitar Hero and Rock Band), and yesterday I listed a few new songs heading to Rock Band. Today it’s Guitar Hero’s turn to list some new tracks, including these: OneRepublic –...

How do you feel about the ‘music game’ return?

It’s been a long time coming, but this year music games finally make their return. We have the new Guitar Hero and Rockband releasing on the new-gen consoles in just a few months and I thought I would ask you all how you feel about this? For me, I remember distinctly getting Guitar Hero 2 as my first plastic instrument game, and I was almost instantly addicted. I had hand cramps like never b...

The track list in Guitar Hero has increased

Don’t expect the below song listing to be the number of tracks in the final game. We expect that number to grow quite extensively over the coming months leading up to launch. Recently Rolling Stones Magazine published a list of tracks you’ll be playing in Guitar Hero, and now there are 10 more tracks that you can add to that ever-growing list of songs, which was tweeted from their offi...

24 Songs that’s heading to Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is heading to a living room near you at the end of this year and all we really want to know is what songs will be featured on the disc, though we expect the digital download aspect to play a big part. Last night Rolling Stones provided the first official listing of tracks that will be available in the game. Don’t expect the below list to be the final list. If it’s anything ...

Rumour: Guitar Hero plans to rock the PS4 and Xbox One

Looks like the battle of the Rock Bands are about to hit current generation consoles once more. Earlier this month we reported that Rockband 4 was officially heading to the PS4 and Xbox One. Can you imagine Activision giving Harmonix the market on a silver platter? Of course not. Now rumours are flying all over the show that there’s a new Guitar Hero in development and that we’ll get t...

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