A Tegra X1 vulnerability means the Switch has a future-proof hack

... and apparently there is nothing Nintendo can do to stop it

.hack//G.U. Last Recode launch trailer tugs at your heart strings

The PS2 era G.U games remastered. Get ready to reconnect.

.hack://G.U. Last Recode trailer introduces The World with a release date

Whether you are heading back or into The World for the first time, This remaster

Blizzard wins big against Bot sellers

Blizzard has marked a big win in the battle against cheaters. The prolific developer won a long-running lawsuit against a company behind some of the most popular cheating tools and now they have to pay up. TorrentFreak reported that Bossland, an organisation that develops and sells bots for a variety of games, will be forced to pay Blizzard over $8.5 Million in damages as per ruling of California ...

Hacker makes unofficial Dedsec app to control in-game phone

Watch Dogs 2 makes heavy use of Marcus’ smartphone and what a better way to add to the immersion than to make your real phone control the phone used in the game? Planetleak has recreated the game’s Dedsec app on his phone, adding an extra layer of hacking to this game all about hackers. Planetleak originally made software to control the GTA V in-game phone with an iPhone and things hav...

Piracy invades the PS4

When a console has been pirated it’s probably the worst thing on earth for a console manufacturer to hear. I’ve always been under the impression (personally) that the console that can easiest be pirated sells best and actually makes good money, though the Dreamcast shatters those thoughts. Well, the PS4 has finally been hacked in Brazil, and it’s running rampant. Journalists in B...

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