Red Dead Online hackers are spawning aggressive two-headed skeletons

Hackers making life terrible for everyone.

A Tegra X1 vulnerability means the Switch has a future-proof hack

... and apparently there is nothing Nintendo can do to stop it

Update: Thousands of H1Z1 Cheaters Are Banned, Forever

Update: Since this post those who cheated have made apologies on YouTube. We thought we’d list a few for you to laugh at. Watch them all try pass the buck. Original: Video game companies are no longer sitting by watching people abuse and cheat their way through a game. The latest game to receive a cheater cull is the zombie MMO H1Z1. Day Break Company, the creators of the game, are cracking ...

League of Legends Exploit Leaves User Accounts Vulnerable

Riot is currently looking into a League of Legends exploit which allows browser access to the game’s store and makes player accounts vulnerable to hackers. This is what a Riot representative had to say regarding the matter: “We’re getting this fixed right now, though we can’t speak to the specifics of the exploit or the explanations” “What we can say is that we ...

FBI is now involved with hackers bomb threat to Sony Online President

Over the weekend many of you discovered that PSN was down because of DDOS attacks via hackers. A group, called LizardSquad, attacked Sony and several other gaming-related services over the weekend, but things went one step too far this time. They sent out a bomb threat while the Sony Online President, John Smedley, was on American Airlines. The jet was diverted to Phoenix, which was originally int...

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