Sony continues to clamp down on Vita hacks

Sony hasn't given up on its dead system just yet...

Splatoon 2 cheaters are finally being inked

Tech 'dye-packs' will soon lead to bans...

A Tegra X1 vulnerability means the Switch has a future-proof hack

... and apparently there is nothing Nintendo can do to stop it

The Burning Question: Have you ever used hacking tools in a game?

Have you ever used a hacking tool to get an edge in a game? We want to know.

Video: Tips to avoid getting hacked by a real life Marcus Holloway

If you have been playing the excellent Watch Dogs 2 over the last few days, since its release on Tuesday, you will know that Marcus Holloway is a proper bad ass. Marcus can hack almost anything and, with the help of the hacking group Dedsec, Marcus tries to clear his name after being framed and uses the city of San Francisco as a weapon to help him do it. Playing a character like Marcus is lots of...

Hacker get 3000 cheaters banned from CS:GO

Who better to get cheaters banned than a hacker? A genius prankster who goes by the moniker AndroidL has managed to trick over 3000 Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheaters into using one of his hacks, only for them to get banned. The hack itself is advertised as one that will allow bunnyhop, wallhacks and aimbot. What the advert doesn’t mention is that it also includes hacks that are insta...

Piracy invades the PS4

When a console has been pirated it’s probably the worst thing on earth for a console manufacturer to hear. I’ve always been under the impression (personally) that the console that can easiest be pirated sells best and actually makes good money, though the Dreamcast shatters those thoughts. Well, the PS4 has finally been hacked in Brazil, and it’s running rampant. Journalists in B...

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