11 of the best introduction levels in video games

The first few minutes of a game can make or break your opinion, here are some that got it right.

Burning Question: Do Achievements/Trophies diminish a game’s replayability?

Who is in charge here, you or the trophies and achievements?

Atomic Heart will get your pulse racing in its beta next year

A mysterious science facility, and some off the rails robots. Sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon, it does.

After missing for 10 years, Gordon Freeman returns in cosplay form

Final Fantasy XV gets the first taste of the good scientist after missing for a decade. It also comes with a crowbar.

Video: Modders are re-creating Half-Life 2 within Half-Life

We heard you like Half-Life, so we put some Half-Life in your Half-Life so that you can Half-Life while you Half-Life.

Half-Life gets an update, 19 years after release

Something something Half-Life, something something 3.

Valve writer Jay Pinkerton has left the company

Valve just lost its third writer this year. If you had dreams of narrative driven games in the future, things are looking grim.

A day may come when we finally get another Half-Life, but not the way we expect

An AMA (ask me anything) session was recently held by Gabe Newell on Reddit, where people were eager to poke and prod about the likelihood of a Half-Life 3. As per usual, Gaben avoided the question like the plague, but there were some intriguing tidbits offered about a potential spin-off to the series that may or may not be in the pipeline. Gabe’s response to the question whether Valve is wo...

Nine of the most Iconic weapons in Video Games

Video game weapons can often be seen as a tool, a means to an end. This is often the case of shooter games, since swopping to something else lying on the ground is quick and easy and often fun. But sometimes, the weapon is more than a tool, and it transcends its purpose to become more. It becomes an extension of the game and the character you control. Here is a list of such iconic weapons. Lancer ...

J.J. Abrams says Half Life and Portal movies are being written right now

What’s that? You don’t know who J.J. Abrams is? Leave the room. Right now. Okay, now with our sane readers left, who watched the glorious return of the Star Trek and Star Wars movies, thanks to that man, we have some interesting news at hand. He says that stories are being written for both a Half Life and Portal movie as you read this. J.J. Abrams has always been connected to games in ...

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