10 iconic modes of transport from video games

Ladies and gentlemen. Start your... engines?

The Burning Question: What is your most unforgettable moment in a multiplayer game?

Online or offline - unscripted events in a multiplayer game can make some amazing things happen

Halo TV series set to begin filming in 2019

"Wake me, when you need me"... It's 2019, sir, and we need you on TV.

10 iconic guns in videogames

Le pew pew, you're dead.

Leaked image shows potential Halo and Forza Horizon 4 crossover

GPS signal lost... Recalculating... Chief, I don't think we're on Venus anymore...

Classic Halo games may be heading to PC very soon

Master Chief is likely going to grenade jump onto the PC soon.

Top five video game mascots

What character typifies your favourite console maker?

The next Halo game to include a ‘VR experience’

Microsoft has plans to put you in the shoes of Master Chief, quite literally

Eight modern games that will make you feel old

A list of games that will make you feel as old as Dawid (Happy Birthday Dawid!).

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