Employees of Activision-Blizzard prepare for job losses at quarterly

Many support staff are preparing for bad news.

BlizzCon 2018: Opening ceremony

Remasters, a mobile game, new heroes and a lot of those gorgeous cinematics. This is Blizzard.

Hearthstone brings the bombs and Voltron mech mashups in next expansion

Mechs, bombs, SCIENCE. What could possibly go wrong?

Hearthstone’s Noblegarden event will be giving out some golden cards

Hey everybunny, free golden cards lie this way.

Soon you will be able to borrow a friend’s Hearthstone deck to play it against them

How well do you fare against your own decks or a mirror match? Soon you can share with a friend for friendly 1v1 matchups.

Get ready to head to the Witchwood in Hearthstone

Something wicked this way comes.

Hearthstone patch patches Patches and other pests

Goodbye Patches, get patched in this patch and take your filthy fish self to the patch outside. (No salt here)

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