Hearthstone Rise of Shadows bundle winners

Who is going to be cracking some packs?

Competition: Who wants some Rise of Shadows card packs?

Rafaam wants you to join his crew and take over the world.

Hearthstone’s baddies take centre stage in Rise of Shadows

Beaten but not forgotten, the villains of Hearthstone are teaming up.

Hearthstone announces Year of the Dragon, new Hall of Fame cards

Farewell Year of the Mammoth, go quest in Wild.

Employees of Activision-Blizzard prepare for job losses at quarterly

Many support staff are preparing for bad news.

BlizzCon 2018: Opening ceremony

Remasters, a mobile game, new heroes and a lot of those gorgeous cinematics. This is Blizzard.

Hearthstone brings the bombs and Voltron mech mashups in next expansion

Mechs, bombs, SCIENCE. What could possibly go wrong?

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