Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is removing the real money loot box purchase

You can still get that shiny cosmetic tat though.

Bring the joy of toys to the Nexus with the new Heroes of the Storm event

Enjoy the fun before all the toys get put away!

BlizzCon 2018: Heroes of the Storm changes roles of heroes and discusses Orphea

Heroes of the Storm welcomes its first original hero, and the game sees some big changes on the horizon.

Heroes of the Storm says goodbye to 32-bit and DX9

Blizzard kicks out the older hardware for its hero brawler and an old villain appears.

Heroes of the Storm’s Echoes of Alterac brings in Yrel and a Nexus take on Alterac Valley

The Nexus finally brings Warcraft into the fold, with a trip to Alterac Valley and the first Draenei Hero, Yrel.

Stay awhile and listen as Deckard Cain walks into the Nexus

Time to bottle the healing magic and clear your throat.

Heroes of the Storm now has voice chat (for some reason)

Nobody could hear you scream until they opted in.

BlizzCon 2017 will look at the future of all current games except Diablo

A lot about the future of the various franchises will be discussed, except for Diablo. Poor Diablo.

Heroes of the Storm is finally getting fan favourite Kel’Thuzad

Betrayer of humanity is here, and he is still inspiring betrayal wherever he goes.

Overwatch, Hearthstone and Heroes drop rates in South Korea are same as Chinese drops

With drop rates exactly the same in China and Korea, many hope that they are identical all over the world.

Get ready to construct additional pylons in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm features legends from other Blizzard titles. Heroes that shaped the worlds and sometimes universes in which their stories take part. Thrall, Kerrigan, Diablo and uh, a Protoss probe? That’s a bit odd. Next to the likes of Ragnaros, the Fire Lord himself, get ready for Probius, the worker unit. Probius is a high damage, area denial specialist that warps in his own Protoss ...

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