What video games did you play over the holidays?

No beach meant more video game time, right?

Welcome back, now what did you play?

Ah, smell the air. If you are like me you are back in the office and can smell the acrid scent of broken New Year’s Resolutions and see the frazzled looks of people not used to being out of bed before 10am. I hope you had a good December break (if not you have my sympathy) and played a whole bunch of games. I went out of my way to tick games off the list, to make sure they don’t sit on...

Leaked audio points to Overwatch Christmas event

Overwatch just had a pretty awesome Halloween Terror event that was a lot of fun to play and has left players wanting more. Now a bunch of hero interactions and sound effects have turned up that seem to hint at a holiday-themed event on the way. Sweet Christmas. If it isn’t official, the Christmas theme song really fits in with the game. Listen to the bells jingling. The rest of the audio do...

Review: The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat (PC)

The first paid DLC for The Sims 4 has just arrived in the form of the Outdoor Retreat game pack, allowing Sims to take a break from their normal lives and relax in a new world.

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