F1 2018 will be supporting a massive range of steering wheels, here is the list

You can vrooom vrooom with just about all steering wheels.

The Nintendo Switch is getting a keyboard

Don't expect it in the West anytime soon though. Maybe one day when the Switch gets an MMO that heads this side of the world.

Voice chat on the Nintendo Switch looks like a complicated mess of wires

Nintendo has promised online voice chat for the Nintendo Switch, but it's not quite what you might have been hoping for

Extended Slide Pad Add-On For The 3DS

Acclaimed peripheral manufacturer, Hori, are set to release a new 3DS/3DS XL add-on peripheral to tie in with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (AKA 4G in Japan). The new add-on is called the ‘Extended Slide Pad’ and adds an extra shoulder button to the right side of the device as well as a second circle pad to the left hand side. An easy-to-access “ZL” shoulder butt...

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