Horizon Zero Dawn

Burning Question: Do Achievements/Trophies diminish a game’s replayability?

Who is in charge here, you or the trophies and achievements?

Five ways to make the perfect open-world game

Open-world games are here to stay, but how can we make them exceptional?

Burning Question: What’s your elevator pitch for the perfect game?

Mix and match your favourites to build the perfect game.

Horizon Zero Dawn gets an official board game

It is a great single-player video game, but soon you will be able to take on a Thunderjaw with your friends.

Guerrilla Games is heading to a large new office to accommodate growth

Five floors of space to employ up to 400 new staff.

Six modern video game worlds that are totally worth exploring

Games have the ability to create entire magical worlds. They also give you the ability to go explore them. Come see one of the best ones in modern times.

Sony reminds us of all the cool games that are exclusively available on PS4

Nothing wrong with reminding the public why you are on top.

6 Reasons you stayed up way too long after your bed time

Sometimes, you end up regretting your life decisions.

Horizon Zero Dawn is turning one year old and players have killed a lot of bots

It's Horizon Zero Dawn's anniversary and Guerrilla Games shared what everyone has been doing in the game.

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