Outlast developer’s next game will be a departure from their formula

The indie horror masters have something new up their sleeve.

Agony’s story trailer is full of infanticide, nudity and vagina-faced demons

This is probably not a trailer you want to watch at work...

Be careful of your neighbour in Hello Neighbor

No gore, but all the scares. What is your neighbour's dark secret?

Review: The Evil Within 2 (PS4)

There is evil within this sequel that'll raise the hair on your back

Upcoming “Goose Game” is about being pure terror

The untitled in-development game reveals the core mission: Being the most abhorrent creature to walk the planet.

The underwater horror game SOMA is coming to the Xbox One

Xbox One owners will be able to explore the murky depths of SOMA soon.

The Evil Within 2 improves on the customisation of Sebastian

Get ready for deeper customisation options as you become a brawler or a sneaky character to suit your play style.

Video: The lighthouse will leave you sleeping with the lights on

Creepy dark places. Writing on the walls. Creaking wood. Blood-covered people.

Cyberpunk Horror game, Observer, comes out mid August

The team that brought you Layers of Fear is about to scare your pants off in a cyberpunk setting

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