Review: Alien Isolation (PS4)

Ready to play Hide and Go Seek, for your life?

How to Survive in The Evil Within

The Evil Within was a big hit at rAge this weekend and people seem genuinely excited to get scared by this game, something I just can’t understand myself because I am a scaredy cat. That aside, the game looks truly excellent as Mikami returns to  what he does best. The game is nearing its release and as such Bethesda have released a video with some survival tips. Those might be very handy if...

Fatal Frame 5 Trailer

While everyone and their pet pugs are freaking out about Silent Hills, Metal Gear Solid V and Final Fantasy XV, I thought it’s a good time to mention another popular franchise that was also mentioned at this year’s TGS, Fatal Frame 5 (or Project Zero 5). The Fatal Frame series has a massive following all over the world, but as you can tell, it’s pretty massive in Japan. ThereR...

Stay Out of the Vents in Alien: Isolation

Not sure about all of you, but when I play (or more honestly – played) horror games back in the day and I had the opportunity to hide for a few seconds to catch my breath… well those seconds often turned into minutes as I tried to work out a way to progress without having a heart attack. It seems as though that tactic might not be the best idea in the world in Alien: Isolation. I’...

Welcome Back Claire Redfield!

New details about the next Resident Evil game is starting to surface, and it sounds so good. Looks like Claire Redfield is back in action in Resident Evil Revelations 2. Joining her is Barry Burton’s daughter, Moira, who will be Claire’s co-op support for the game. According to a post on IGN, the news broke when details of the game were published in the latest issue of GamesMaster maga...

Resident Evil Remake returns to its gruesome roots

If you follow me on Twitter or here on SA Gamer you will know that I am just not able to play horror games. They creep me the hell out and I want nothing to do with them. What you might not know is that once upon a time I was a big fan of the genre. One of my favourite games ever was the original Resident Evil back on the PlayStation One, so the thought of a remake had me interested… if not ...

P.T. Has Been Downloaded Over 1 Million Times!

A few weeks ago Konami released what we thought was a demo for a new low budget horror game. Turns out that horror game is actually a playable teaser for the next Silent Hill game, coined Silent Hills. In just over a few weeks since its launch, the teaser game has been downloaded over a million times, a hell of a number considering how freaky the game is. As a horror fanatic – I totally don&...

Review: The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)

Did Naughty Dog master their masterpiece?

Update: Watch the Latest Alien Isolation Game Trailer

Update: CVG were lucky enough to get some hands-on with the game. Check out there thoughts and some gameplay in this video: Original: There’s plenty of survival horrors coming out this year, but none of them have “Alien” in their titles. Unfortunately, the Alien series of games, especially Colonial Marines, has proven to be less the favourable with us gamers. However, SEGA’...

Review: Daylight (Daylight)

Can Sarah outrun her shadows?

Review: Outlast (PS4)

If horror is what you like, you're in a for a fear-filled treat.

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