Review: Returnal (PS5)

Roguehog day.

Here are some of the enemies that you will kill in Returnal

Bet some of them kill us a fair few times in return.

Housemarque’s new game could be a battle royale game

Money talks as BS walks, as they say

Housemarque is using Unreal 4 for a ‘soon to be announced’ game

Housemarque may be done with twin-stick shooters, but they still have some tricks up their sleeve.

Housemarque to stop making arcade twin-stick shooters

The kings of twin-stick are looking at other genres that sell copies.

Housemarque releases another twin stick shooter and it looks awesome

Nex Machina is a stick-shooter game that flew a bit under the radar since it was announced at PlayStation Experience last year. Unless you were following it closely, you probably didn’t even know that it exists. Well, it does exist, it launched yesterday, and looks amazing! Responsible for one of PS4’s best launch titles back in 2013, Resogun, independent studio Housemarque is known fo...

Nex Machina is unleashing bullet-hell next month

Get ready for local co-op and enemies bursting into glorious voxels.

Housemarque’s next twin-stick shooter will also head to PC

If you have a PC but don’t have a PS4, you might have been slightly jealous at some point in your life because Housemarque’s Resogun was out of your grasp. Luckily this year PC will also be getting some twin-stick shooting voxel love. A collaboration between Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis (Robotron: 2084) called Nex Machina is coming to PS4 and Steam this year and while the game is all ...

The art of making things go ‘BOOM’ looks pretty in Alienation

Alienation releases next week on PlayStation 4, and I frankly can’t wait. It looks like the lovechild of Dead Nation, Resogun and Super Stardust Ultra, and that will never be a bad thing. Developers Housemarque has been feeding us some info about the game over the last couple of weeks. The latest trailer showcases the explosions, and goes into the technical details behind making them. The vi...

New Alienation Trailer introduces different character classes

Housemarque, the studio behind great games such as Dead Nation, Super Stardust and PS4 launch title, Resogun, has released another trailer for it’s upcoming stick shooter, Alienation. The trailer goes into a bit of detail about the different classes you can choose to play as such as the Tank, Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur. The game also features a drop-in, drop-out multiplayer system, whic...

Hands-On With Alienation

Today the Wookiee man and I got a great surprise as we managed a hands-on with Alienation, the new game from Resogun and Stardust developers Housemarque and XDev. I will be honest and say that at first we weren’t quite sure what Alienation was but as soon as we picked up those controls we realised that we were going to play for a while as we got lost in the world of Alienation. The developer at ha...

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