Humble Bundle

Opinion: The affordability and ease of PC gaming

What happens when you give a console gamer a 1080 Ti? Magic.

The Paradox Interactive bundle will make you a grand strategy master

Come join in the grand strategy, or grab the masterful CRPG Pillars of Eternity for cheap.

Humble has raised an astounding $100 million for charity

By providing some of the best gaming deals ever, the Humble Bundle has raised a lot for charities that need it.

The Humble Freedom Bundle is absolutely insane

Usually we would save the juicy deals for our weekly Sales post, but you can’t really afford to sleep on this one. Humble Bundle is doing a momentous bundle where you can get over $600’s worth of games for the low price of $30. What makes it even more enticing is that these games are absolutely incredible. Just to name a few, you get The Witness, Stardew Valley, Nuclear Throne, Invisib...

Sales here, get your SALES here!

PS4’s Deal of the Week Need for Speed Rivals with the complete edition less than R100! The Halloween Sale continues with some great deals on Bloodborne, Until Dawn and all the horror related games you can think of. On the Xbox One you’ll find Destiny The Collection, Battleborn and Plants vs Zombies 2 all at good prices.  Nintendo continues the Halloween trend and they have some fantast...

Are you ready for a sale?

PS4’s Deal of the Week is not to be missed as it contains The Last of Us, a game you have no excuse not to play! The  Ubisoft 30th anniversary sale continues and there’s the usual dose of digital discounts! Xbox One owners should have a look at the GTA V deal if somehow you’ve never got to that. Wii U players should really consider BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend ...

Friday = Deal Day!

PS4’s Deal of the Week is Star Ocean 5! The latest on the Sony Store is a sale on Ubisoft games to celebrate their 30th anniversary! Xbox One owners should check out the Just Cause 3 sale, if you feel like some explosive action it’s not a bad option. Wii U player will have to do with another week of nothing. Steam has a great Iceberg Interactive publisher sale running as well as decent...

How about a sale ‘eh?

PS4’s Deal of the Week is for anyone still wanting to pick up UFC 2, while the Games under R300 sale continues with standouts aplenty but most noticeably Diablo 3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and inFAMOUS Second Son at fantastic prices. Xbox One owners should take a look at the Warner sale as there is plenty on offer there this week. Not too much for Wii U owners this week unfortuna...

What’s that dealio? Sale time!

PS4’s Deal of the Week is for One Piece fans, while there is a sale containing lots and lots of games under the R300 mark. Standouts aplenty but most noticeably Diablo 3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and inFAMOUS Second Son and fantastic prices. Xbox One players should check out the Assassin’s Creed Triple pack that marked down by 60% as well as the Namco sale. There’s no...

Time for your weekly sales post!

PS4 continues its Retro and Call of Duty sale, and there is a change in the Deal of the Week with Dark Souls III being included. Xbox One owners have a bunch of Activision games on sale including the CoD series, Transformers games and more. The Wii U has a promotion for Pikmin and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword where buying one gets you a 50% discount on the other while 3DS has Conception II g...

What’s the deal? SALES!

PS4’s Winter Sale is over but there are plenty new games on sale from this week. Street Fighter V is super cheap if you have been waiting for it and there are plenty of Retro and Call of Duty games and expansions to be bought and cheap cheap prices. Xbox One owners can get Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at a cost worthy of admission, alone with a good few other deals. The Capcom sale has ended...

Time for this week’s SALES!

PS4’s Winter Sale and Totally Digital Sale have one more week to run, so it’s your last chance to get one of those games on special, make sure you check them out because there are plenty of good options. Xbox One players who for some reason don’t yet own Battlefield 4 or Hardline should take advantage of the sale this week. Wii U owners should check out Oddworld: New ‘nR...

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