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Can you believe that DOOM is a quarter of a century old?

Everything changes, but DOOM stays Eternal

Here’s some official Rage 2 gameplay for you

This gameplay video might just get your attention...

Review: DOOM (Switch)

DOOM on Switch starts off well, but the shine wears off far too quickly. The Switch is not Hell-proofed.

Update: John Romero is selling his original copy of DOOM 2 on eBay

Romero started the bids off at $10, we wonder if he knew things would explode?

Sorlag is the meanest bunny hopping hunter in Quake Champions

She will leap right at you and spit acid in your face.

Video: Fancy a duel? Check out Quake Champions new duel mode

One on one action with a roster of three champions. Prepare your friendship for a tough time.

A weekend with the Quake Champions beta – Ranger Danger

Quake Champions brings all the good bits of the classic game, with some tactical champion choices.

VIDEO: Raw Quake Champions gameplay footage straight from the slaughter house

Bethesda and id Software released some raw gameplay footage of the first-person shooter classic, Quake Champions. The frantic gory gameplay footage is just under 2 minutes long and features an detailed and honest look at the games graphics and gameplay mechanics. It’s very reminiscent of the Quake of old in the way that it plays, with another view of the game character Anarki throughout the ...

New Quake Champions footage features Burial Chamber Arena

Our beloved Bethesda and developer, id Software, announced their plans to start two new trailer series. One of them will focus on the game’s Champions (characters) and the other features all the arenas we can expect to see in Quake. The second trailer based on the arena series was revealed yesterday showcasing the Burial Chamber Arena. Click here if you’d like to check out the first se...

Quake Champions will be free-to-play

What is the best way to get as many people as possible to play your new game? Well making it free-to-play is not a bad idea and it looks like id Software are doing just that with Quake Champions according to Bethesda. However id Software also need to make back some money on their latest arena shooter so they will be offering a paid version of the game as well. The paid version of the game, called ...

Review: DOOM (PC)

DOOM is a love letter to the FPS, written with the splattered remains of countless demons.

You will Fight Like Hell in this DOOM launch trailer

Id Software’s DOOM launch is just around the corner so it is expected that Bethesda will shift their marketing engine into overdrive. What better way to do so than to release a launch trailer… a week before release. We aren’t complaining though as it’s packed with plenty gameplay snippets and iconic imagery from the original game. At around 57 seconds into the trailer, you&...

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