IGN editorial team downed tools until sexual harassment issues were commented on

Following accusations of sexual harassment and a poor company response, the editorial team at IGN "walked out" as a sign of solidarity for a former writer.

The Witness is heading to Xbox One

Jonathon Blow’s (Braid) latest game The Witness released earlier this year to much praise. The puzzle game came out on PS4 and PC and had those that played it in a real spin, with a really tough puzzle world to work your way through. It’s supposedly a pretty special game in its own right and has lots of reward for getting through all the difficult sections. Here is Kyle’s glowing...

Video: 21 minutes of new No Man’s Sky gameplay

IGN uploaded a 21-minute game play video yesterday showing off more exploration from No Man’s Sky. This game is definitely going to take ‘open world’ to a whole new universe and from what I’ve seen from the video it seems that this “Minecraft” is going to keep gamers busy for years to come. 16 minutes into the video we already see the player escaping into an underground cave network by...

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