Review: The Station (PC)

A space station cloaked and spying on a warring alien race has gone quiet. You need to find out why.

SteamWorld Dig 2 is getting physical, you dig?

Time to get your hands dirty with a physical copy.

Serial Cleaner mops up on the Switch next week

The Switch is getting some pure uncut funkiness as he washes away the blood.

Prepare to be an Owlboy on consoles

Owlboy will be flying gracefully onto your consoles early next year.

Darkest Dungeon is bringing the dread to Nintendo Switch

Take your sense of dread and foreboding along with you on the go.

Indie veterans are making a 50 game compilation of retro goodness

Does the idea of 50 fantastic indie games in one package interest you?

EGE 2017: an interactive event for an interactive medium

Were you at EGE? If you happen to not live in Cape Town, we visited to see what was happening.

We chat to Nyamakop about the importance of going to Stugan

Two months to concentrate on your craft surrounded by similarly minded people sounds like a dream.

Super Meat Boy creator’s new game is called The End is Nigh

Are you ready to punish yourself with a platformer? Come on, you know you like it.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice set for release in August

After a long wait, we finally have a release date and a new trailer for Senua's Sacrifice.

Locally developed game Jengo gets a publisher

Jengo points and clicks its way to Playdius Entertainment.

Nyamakop accepted into international games accelerator Stugan

It seems that the Kenyan / South African studio Nyamakop is going to get a lot of time to whip their playdough platformer into shape. Wait, playdough platformer? Semblance is just that. Imagine being an energetic blob and the world around you is firm, but squishy. You can nudge platforms to beath those impossible to make jumps or frustratingly out of reach collectibles suddenly are *just* in reach...

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