Furi gets a Freedom update with difficulty options

Now every platform has the same list of features.

Enter the Gungeon says goodbye with A Farewell to Arms

Get all the guns before they are all out.

The Wild Eight will finally launch in 2019

Prepare for things to get wild early next year

Ghost of a Tale will scurry onto your console early next year

It is a dangerous world out there for a little mouse.

Skating is for the fowls in SkateBird

Tony Hawk? No, Tony is a much smaller bird than that.

Four times more copies of Dead Cells sold on the Switch than on PS4

Playing it on the move seems to be a more popular choice.

Indies smile as ID@Xbox has made $1 billion in five years

$1 billion in revenue and over four billion hours of play time.

Warhorse Studios says Kingdom Come Deliverance is not trying to be something it is not

You don't always need a big wallet to make a game, but it helps

Review: The Station (PC)

A space station cloaked and spying on a warring alien race has gone quiet. You need to find out why.

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