Injustice 2

Free Games Vrydag – Injustice 2 Legendary Edition (Xbox One)

Stand the chance of winning Injustice 2 Legendary Edition on Xbox One

Cowabunga! Get your first look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gameplay in Injustice 2

The DC universe is about to find out what Turtle Power is all about

Review: Injustice 2 (PC)

The best fighting game of 2017 makes a smooth 60fps slide attack onto PC.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best Fighting Game

From footsies to zoning, we had a good year of uppercuts.

Injustice 2 PC beta is finally live

Get your DC action on PC now to see how well it runs.

Ed Boon believes that he can get Injustice 2 to run on the Switch

Beating the snot out of super heroes on the go could be fun

Rumour: Injustice 2 could be heading to PC in a Flash

The DC fighting game might be heading to PC after all.

EGE 2017: an interactive event for an interactive medium

Were you at EGE? If you happen to not live in Cape Town, we visited to see what was happening.

Sub-Zero cools down Injustice 2 in July

Get ready for some nice ice, baby.

Video: Injustice 2 launch trailer brings a fresh beat

Injustice 2 might be out everywhere in the world, but here in South Africa you'll have to do with some wub wub tunes until Friday.

Video: Not buying Injustice 2? Get a look at every finishing move

In case you aren't buying Injustice 2, or if you really can't wait until Friday to see how everyone brings the pain. We have your punching and kicking covered.

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