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Celebrate Fire Emblem Heroes’ 1 year anniversary

Who wants some Fire Emblem cake? Sorry no cake, but some other goodies are here.

Fire Emblem Heroes gets Book II and improves weapon skills

Finally you can hoard even more heroes and staff users are useful.

Heroes prepare for the Genealogy of Light in Fire Emblem Heroes

Tempest in a teacup? Not if you prepare properly.

Review: Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)

Nintendo has allowed another franchise to get the Warriors makeover. With Fire Emblem and Musou being so far apart, one of the weirdest mashups gets ready for release.

Heroes are threatened with speed in Fire Emblem Heroes

Speed your way to victory with these Fire Emblem Heroes summons.

Special Heroes appear in Fire Emblem Heroes

Get ready to dance and sing your way to victory.

New Heroes join the fight in Fire Emblem Heroes

The story goes on and three new heroes join the fight.

Fire Emblem Warriors receives screenshots for its 3DS version

We finally get a peek at the 3DS version of Fire Emblem Warriors.

Fire Emblem Heroes receives new features in update 1.7.0

Boost your favourite heroes and get free orbs.

Earn double EXP & SP for the next week in Fire Emblem Heroes

Double EXP and SP means you better sharpen your blades and get out there.

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