Microsoft patent looking to ‘switch’ it up?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Internal comms suggest Nintendo will fix Joy-Con Drift issues, no questions asked

Because taking it on the chin and doing free repairs is better than losing a court case.

Nintendo could face a class action lawsuit because of Joy-Con drifting problem

There is no joy revealing itself through the smoke.

Review: Nintendo LABO Robot Kit (Switch)

Card Bored? Suprisingly, not!

The Nintendo Switch is getting a keyboard

Don't expect it in the West anytime soon though. Maybe one day when the Switch gets an MMO that heads this side of the world.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Controller problem due to ‘manufacturing variation’

No matter which side of the Nintendo fence you’re on, the amount of praise the Switch has received will undoubtedly impress anyone. One factor of the console, though, has had people in a bind; some gamers are experiencing connectivity issues with the left JoyCon controller. Nintendo has addressed the issue and released a statement saying that the issue isn’t a design flaw, but a ‘...

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