Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster is a thing

Nobody asked for it, 'Kay?

Dragon Quest XI is westward bound in 2018

Dragon Quest XI isn't a Japanese-exclusive title, as Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age gets announced for 2018.

Steven Universe: Save the Light gets new trailer at SDCC

They are the Crystal Gems, and they will try to save the Light.

Overwatch reimagined as a JRPG

Random encounters, ATB and your favourite FF music while Overwatch characters fight it out.

Lost Sphear is the next game by Tokyo RPG factory

Tokyo RPG Factory is trying once more to capture the essence of yesteryear JRPGs.

Code Vein is the new vampire JRPG from Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco, publisher of the Souls series as well as many popular Japanese titles, has officially revealed their new game titled Code Vein. We received a stylish teaser trailer a little while ago that showed a pretty dark and broody aesthetic coupled with anime people that seemed to have fangs. Check out the trailer if you need a refresher: We now know that game is Code Vein and it has been desc...

NieR Automata’s “Death is Your Beginning” launch trailer sets a beautiful tone

NieR Automata is closely upon us! The sequel to one of the most overlooked gems of the seventh generation is releasing locally in just two days. Publisher Square Enix decided to unload a final launch trailer to remind everyone why they should give this game a chance. The trailer shows off some of the accolades the game has been getting from reviewers, which has been pretty good. The combat, which ...

The Burning Question: Do you think the JRPG genre is popular in South Africa?

Ever since my childhood I’ve loved and played video games, just like most of you. And just like everyone I do favour some genres more than others, none more so than the JRPG genre. The emotionally gripping journeys they take us on and the dream worlds that they allow us to travel to, no matter how dark or colorful, is something I treasure. They embed into the player the sense of honour, just...

Tokyo Xanadu coming to the West Q4 2017

If you know me by now you’ll probably have realised that I do love my JRPGs. It makes me happy to see some of these coming to the West more and more often now days. This time we have Tokyo Xanadu coming to the PS4 and PC sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. The game was originally released in September 2015 on the Vita with a PS4 version being released a year later, both solely relea...

Sega dishing out weekly Yakuza 0 DLC for free

Yakuza 0 is out now in the west. As a long-time fan that sentence is still thrilling to say. While just the game being in my hands is great enough, Sega is sweetening the deal. Every week, Sega will be pushing out free DLC until Valentine’s Day. Sega will be adding these through weekly patches. Once players have downloaded, they will have to go find Bob the Clown who will provide Kazuma or Majima ...

Adventures of Mana releases on Vita out of nowhere

The Vita as a platform doesn’t hold much water if your tastes don’t involve scantily clad anime school girls, a nice PS1 emulation device or JRPGs. Luckily if you are a fan of the latter then Square Enix has sent some good vibes your way. After getting released in Japan earlier this year, fans asked for it and, much like Ultros, suddenly it appears. Yesterday to everyone’s surprise Adventures of M...

Like JRPGs? Chronicle of Ruin appeals to the older crowd

Chronicle of Ruin has an amazingly ambitious task: it combines Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle systems into one massive JRPG. Sounds crazy right? To make it even more ludicrous, just one guy is making the game. It looks amazing, check it out. The game lets you control squads of units for combat, with the big battle happening in real-time. Here is how it breaks ...

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