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Tropico 6 gets delayed to March 29 for polishing

Game is delayed because it is good, not very good yet.

El Presidente needs you to help test the Tropico 6 beta

Your banana republic needs you!

Kalypso acquires rights to real-time stealth series Commandos

You can bring a knife to a gun fight if you start the fight early and quietly.

E3 2018: Behind Closed Doors – Tropico 6

Hey El Pres, there are so many islands over here for you to rule.

E3 2018: Behind closed doors – Shadows: Awakening

Taking the fun of traveling with a party while keeping the speed of a hack-and-slash, this should be on your radar.

Video: Sudden Strike 4 storms the beaches in this launch trailer

Another RTS for PC, but one of the few on the PS4 to look at.

Sine Mora Ex releases in August for PS4 and Xbox One

The amazing side-scrolling shooter is breaking through to current consoles in August.

El Presidente! Tropico 6 is coming out next year

We need to prepare El Presidente, before the press covfefe!

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