Kamui cosplay

The where what and how of cosplay – Part 3: Tools

Don't know which tools or gadgets to use for cosplay? We'll help you get started!

The where what and how of cosplay – Part 2: Materials

Get those bank cards ready. It's time to buy some cosplay materials!

Making cosplay armour using a bought pattern

As easy as building a 10-piece puzzle...

Kamui Cosplay is making your Anthem cosplay dreams come true

It won't fly, but it is better than not having a Javelin at all.

Quick Gift Guide for the cosplayer in your life

Missing some stocking stuffers and thoughtful gifts? We got you covered.

Blizzard launches an Overwatch Cosplay Battle – Meet the teams, and help choose the projects

You choose the outfit, you help choose the winner. Get ready for some intense crafting.

A quick guide to all things cosplay

It's like a dress-up party, every day of the damn year!

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