King of Fighters

Review: SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (Switch)

Fanservice and violence. A deadly combo.

Samurai Shodown V Special Edition coming soon to PS4

Get ready to spill the blood of your enemies as you live by the sword.

The King of Fighters XIV will soon see the return of fan-favourite Rock Howard

SNK put in place a pretty solid DLC plan for the King of Fighters XIV and while the DLC characters have been a bit hit or miss, they’ve brought out a certain someone to please the fans. It’s been a while since the main character of the last entry in the Fatal Fury series has graced fighting games but soon Rock Howard will be back to show off why he’s a fan favourite. First of all...

Video: The King of Fighters XIV is getting whipped into shape with a new DLC character

Personally, I don’t think The King of Fighters XIV needs DLC. The game came out as a complete package that offered far more than another big fighting game release 2016. SNK has even gone as far as to overhaul the game’s heavily criticised graphics in a recent update, which may have broken online play for a while but we’ll let that bit slide. The King of Fighters XIV may not be on...

Some classic Neo Geo titles are heading to the Switch

It’s a little scary to think about but I’m quite sure the only things that will survive nuclear fallout are cockroaches and Metal Slug 3. I’m pretty sure Metal Slug has been ported so many times that one might accidentally find it on your smart toaster in the near future. The Neo Geo classics have been ported more times than one may like to think, but there is a pretty good reaso...

The King of Fighters XIV version 1.10 update gets a teaser trailer

Last year SNK made the commitment to become the anti-Konami. Instead of focusing all their efforts on pachinko machines, the company would put all their effort in to making video games, much like any other good game developer. This renewed focus can be seen in the quality of The King of Fighters XIV, but that doesn’t mean the game is flawless. In fact, it has one glaring issue that will soon...

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