Kingdom Hearts 3

Two new Kingdom Hearts III trailers right out of D23

A new world, new theme song, new story scenes and finally a progress update. It is a Disney+Square Enix miracle.

Kingdom Hearts 3 officially launching in 2018, includes Toy Story universe

Transforming Keyblades and more await Sora and the gang in 2018.

The new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer looks amazing

Four years since it was first shown at E3, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally looking like something real on the horizon.

There are no QTEs in Kingdom Hearts 3

Quick Time Events are definitely high on my list of least favourite mechanics of all time. Sure, there are a few games that have managed to make good use of them but for the most part, it just feels like a poor way of making a cut-scene interactive. Producer Tetsuya Nomura stated in an interview with Dengeki that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not make use of QTEs (or “action commands” as he ca...

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