Video: Check out the first ever gameplay of the KOTOR fan remake

Happy Friday people, and what better way to kick it off than with some footage of the KOTOR fan remake in the glorious Unreal 4 Engine. Developers, Apeiron Development, are doing an amazing job at rebuilding the worlds in one of the most iconic Star Wars games ever made. The only problem is they are technically not allowed to be making it, so at any moment the project could get shut down. It is so...

Voice Actor Tuesday: Courtenay Taylor

This week’s featured voice actor is Courtenay Taylor. Her first video game roles were in the 2002 games Star Trek: Starfleet Command III and American Idol. In 2003, she took on the role of Juhani, a Cathar Jedi and potential party member in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Since then, she’s voiced dozens of video game characters, including games such as Diablo III, Destiny, Star...

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