Nvidia says sorry for RTX 3080 disastrous launch

Lots of apologies going around...

Stadia reveals their ‘starting’ launch date

And it's just over a month away.

Amnesia Collection now available for purchase on Xbox One

"Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym." - Stephen King

Tokyo Xanadu eX+’s Steam version will launch alongside the console port

PC players won't be facing a delay as the revamped Vita game releases next week.

Housemarque releases another twin stick shooter and it looks awesome

Nex Machina is a stick-shooter game that flew a bit under the radar since it was announced at PlayStation Experience last year. Unless you were following it closely, you probably didn’t even know that it exists. Well, it does exist, it launched yesterday, and looks amazing! Responsible for one of PS4’s best launch titles back in 2013, Resogun, independent studio Housemarque is known fo...

PS VR hardware has been delayed by a week in SA

Update: Ster Kinekor has informed us that the software will be in shops on 24 January, but the hardware will launch on 31 January. Original: An exciting time is approaching as PlayStation VR will be going on sale in South Africa in 2017. For the first time many gamers will get their first opportunity to try out VR for themselves, but they might have to wait just a little longer for the launch of t...

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – Full Trailer released

Before Kyle mentioned it to me earlier this year I honestly had no idea what Odin Sphere Leifthrasir was. In fact I was pretty sure he was swearing at me. I googled it to find that it was originally a PS2 game that was being remade for PS4. To be more exact it’s an old school action RPG remake, which of course means it’s got some interestingly designed characters and level design that ...

TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan launches with a trailer… in a half shell

Platinum Games’ latest licensed combo filled adventure features none other than everyone’s favourite human sized turtles and their pet rat mentor, Splinter. With the new movie releasing soon there was clearly a decision to cash in a bit on the gaming license held by Activision, but who can complain when Platinum are involved. The game releases this week, probably not a great idea with ...

[Updated with winners] Win tickets to the Overwatch launch in Johannesburg!

Update: Thanks to all of you that entered, but there can only be three winners who will attend the event, along with a partner. The winners will be contact shortly and those people are: Justin Michael Weldon Alex Boone, and Bella Barrezi Congrats and see you all at the launch event! Original: The month of May is quite crazy with all the various game releases and before you know it you’ll be ...

LEGO Dimensions “Launch” Trailer

You may notice the inverted commas around the word Launch above. It’s purely because the game isn’t launching here just yet. Apparently it will next year which actually makes watching this trailer a little difficult… because it looks so damn good and such fun! I love the LEGO games, and while I have never really gotten into Disney Infinity, Skylanders or Amiibos, I think the LEGO...

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