Lewis Hamilton

F1 Star Lewis Hamilton to be your guide and mentor in GT Sport

The only way to become the best, is to learn from the best!

6 Celebrities cameo appearances in video games

Who doesn’t love a good easter egg or cameo appearance in a video game? Just last week I was playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare only to see Lewis Hamilton as a member of the crew on my spaceship. I couldn’t believe it was him. It was so random and perfect that I simply had to create a list of celebrity cameos in video games. Here’s just a little dash of who you can find in wha...

Lewis Hamilton set to appear in his next video game… CoD: Infinite Warfare?

Yes, we’re referring to Lewis Hamilton the F1 driver who you might have played as in F1 2016 (or just about any F1 game in the last decade). Now it’s come to light that Lewis Hamilton will appear in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. His appearance won’t be as important as other previous big name talents who signed up to lend their voices to the franchise, such as Kevin Spacey or, t...

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