Limbo and Inside heading to the Switch next week

Two of the best Indie games will soon arrive on the Switch.

Playdead’s new game gets another vague piece of concept art

Playdead is teasing us yet again about its new game.

Limbo, Inside dev announces sci-fi Somerville

Somerville gets teased, but we have no idea what is going on here. Alien attack? World War III?

Playdead are teasing a sci-fi looking adventure

Playdead are a bit of a unique case in the gaming industry. They are classified as massively successful indie darlings, even if they have only released a grand total of two games. Granted, those two games have been sublime. The first is the eerily provocative Limbo that had the luck of releasing on Xbox Live Arcade back when there wasn’t much on the service and became an instant hit. Through...

Update: INSIDE confirmed for PS4 in August

Update: Well, that was quick. According to a source at VG247, the game is confirmed to release at the end of August for PS4. Yay! Original Story: Playdead’s INSIDE was an amazing success for the studio. Their follow-up to the widely lauded Limbo was both engrossing and an experience worth pursuing. Many doubted whether they could have come close to their previous masterpiece, but they scaled...

Your PS Plus games for August are mighty fine

There are two things that really cheer me up at the end of each month. Payday and PS Plus. One allows me the freedom to go out, meet new people, and create meaningful memories, while the other allows me to pay for groceries. Sony has provided some pretty decent offerings for August and it looks like puzzle-platformers have taken center-stage this month. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4) Ev...

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