5 ways to tackle your backlog

Do you have a problem with your backlog? Are there just too many games to get through? Maybe these pointers will help you out.

10 Satisfying moments in games

There are times in gaming you feel good about something that happened, these are 10 such times.

Five dumbest ways to die in games

Have you ever died so badly in a game that you check nobody saw it? Come share in some of the dumbest ways to die in a video game.

6 games that we shouldn’t have been so excited about

When we ignore the red flags and let the hype train head off without anyone controlling the brakes, things end badly.

5 games that were not afraid to push the boundaries

Sometimes that dash of reality is what makes a game stick with you months after you are done.

Ten games inspired by Twin Peaks (Part 2)

We take a look at ten games that owe their existence and being to Twin Peaks. A celebration as season 3 is set to premiere. Also we finally get to *that* game. (Part 2 of 2)

Ten games inspired by Twin Peaks (Part 1)

We take a look at ten games that owe their existence and being to Twin Peaks. A celebration as Season 3 is set to premiere. (Part 1 of 2)

Five great games that really don’t need a sequel

Sequels are great, except when they steal all the punch from a great ending.

5 meditative games that chill you out

Gaming is often full of bombast and excitement with wide sprawling worlds and heavy narratives that draw you in. Often you’re actively involved in what is going on and paying careful attention to what you’re doing since everything has an important place. The story, the characters, the soundtrack, the visuals, everything. However, we also live immensely busy lives full of stress and pro...

Waiting for PS4 Pro? These are the supported games

Consoles are about to enter uncharted territory whereby a console in the same generation will be upgraded to make use of improved and available new hardware that can run current and future games a bit better. Yes, think of this, if you’re a console owner, as a PC upgrade. You’re bluffing yourself if you think it’s anything else. The promise is that you’ll get games in the f...

4 Games that SHOULDN’T get a sequel

Playing on David’s Top Ten Games that need a sequel video last week, I thought I would look at some games that just definitely do not need a sequel, at all. Like they should just bury the franchise already and be done with it. Careful, it’s going to get controversial Assassin’s Creed I am one of the people that was absolutely blown away by Assassin’s Creed and even more so ...

5 Indie games that should be on your radar in 2016

We are half-way through the year already and with E3 out of the way the annual gaming lull is currently taking place. Yes, there are games releasing, but very few AAA games. It often means that it’s a time for indie games to take centre stage, and while the term “indie” is a swear word for many, others love the variety the games offer, especially at these quiet times. With that i...

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