Quarantine Countdown – Video Game Edition

We are looking for the best games to play when you're in lockdown...

Five things we’ve learned from this generation

It's been a long generation and some important lessons have come out of it.

Four games that used diegetic elements well

Die-whatsit? Click to find out!

Four things the video game industry can do with more of

Some things we can never have enough of.

Four things we love doing while playing video games

Because if one is good, two is better...

Five super stylish games

Killing people in games is fine, but how cool can you make it?

Five things we do in games we would hate (or never do) in real life

Sure you do it in your games, but have you tried it in real life?

Five Games that changed my perspective on gaming

Like the milestones in our lives, some games just change our whole view on gaming as a whole.

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