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Livestream: The padawan has become the master

Let's start that long grind toward a hero unlock, shall we?

Livestream: Buckle up for some more PUBG action

Time for some chicken? Maybe in the desert? Why would you want chicken there?

Livestream: Assassin’s Creed: Origins time and a chance to win a nice hamper

It is time to travel around Egypt, maybe climb up a pyramid or steal a commander's nice sword.

Livestream: It’s time to kick up some dust in Egypt

Time to level up and get revenge on the aquatic wildlife.

Livestream: Come win a PS4 copy of Call of Duty: WWII on the stream

Come watch WWII turn into a party, according to Dave.

Livestream: We are doing some PUBG challenges

Wait, this isn't school? Why is Dave bunking school!

Livestream: Some PUBG to start the week – Military Base Monday

We are sending Dave off to the military. Bye Dave, make us proud.

Livestream: Can you hear that school bell ringing?

Back to school, back to BANG BANG BANG.

Livestream: It’s Friday so lets PUBG hard and fast

This week is all about chicken dinners. Next week is when Dave has to raise his own chickens.

Livestream: We are trying out Fortnite (uh we mean PUBG)

Time to try out Fortnite's magic schoolbus.

Livestream: It’s Military base Monday PUBG

Probably possibly maybe dropping in the military base. Or somewhere completely different. Dave is like that.

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