Livestream: It’s Friday so lets PUBG hard and fast

This week is all about chicken dinners. Next week is when Dave has to raise his own chickens.

Livestream: It’s FPS Friday time – PUBG

No third person peeking to be found here.

Livestream: It’s back to school Wednesday time

Oh hey, we are heading to school, because it is cool. Learning how to PUBG and cook chicken.

Livestream: It’s military base Monday stream fam

Time to watch Dave hunt for optics that make his hip firing better!

Livestream: The impossible challenge – PUBG

One day, Dave will learn to stop taking silly bets. Until then...

Livestream: Double or nothing, highest PUBG stakes ever (not really)

Dave keeps taking bad bets. We keep making bad bets.

Livestream: It’s FPS mode Friday let’s do this

It is time for some PUBG goodness.

Livestream: Back to School Wednesday

Time for Dave and his pink shirt to show us how to survive at school.

Live Stream: Military Base Monday returns – PUBG time

Time for some chicken today. Or a mouthful of lead at the military base.

Livestream: We check out Kill Confirmed in Call of Duty: WW2

Kill Confirmed is here, so it is time to shoot some soldiers.

Livestream: We are trying out the Destiny 2 PC beta

Join us as we take on the Red Legion.

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