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We chat to Nyamakop about the importance of going to Stugan

Two months to concentrate on your craft surrounded by similarly minded people sounds like a dream.

Cluster is a local free game that costs a lot of time

Who wants a free game? Wait, who doesn’t want a free game? Cluster is a race against time, a speedy, noisy game that involves you controlling a little spaceship. Your ship, reminiscent of that doomed vessel in Asteroids, has no guns but can bash through blocks when travelling at full speed. There are blocks that can kill you regardless of your speed and the world behind you is being destroye...

Kickstarter for local game goes live. Enter Cadence

Do you like puzzles? Do you like music and pretty sounds? Of course you do! Now for the clincher: Do you support local talent? Yeah, that’s a tougher question, right? For some reason, a lot of us see “Made in SA” as a sticker of shame rather than a badge of pride. SA musicians come to mind, but let me not dwell on that. Last year at AMAZE Jhb, I had some time to fiddle around wit...

Review: Monsters & Medicine – Save the creeps!

We spend our lives killing them. Poor little creatures that often show little aggression to us, except maybe self-defense, or protecting their little bit of savings that they keep in that chest in the corner of their room. We don’t think of the poor monsters, or of their children. Monsters & Medicine changes that, putting us in charge of a hospital for all these injured creeps. Running a...

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