loot boxes

Rocket League removing loot boxes from the game

Those pesky loot boxes will be blasting off.

American Senator wants to ban loot boxes aimed at children

Video game gambling? Addictive behaviour in kids on the increase?

CD Projekt RED co-founder thinks the whole loot crate debacle is a good thing

Because they're the developer we deserve, and the hero we need right now.

Bungie’s trying to lure Guardians back with the upcoming Crimson Days event

Bungie's trying to show some love this Valentine's Day.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Biggest Turd

The problem with a turd is even if you polish it, it is still a turd and you have a mess on your cloth.

Games with loot boxes might only be sold to people over the age of 21

Because we all know that age restrictions on games really help and no children are playing COD and GTA.

Belgium Gaming Commission declares loot boxes as a form of gambling

Belgium has stopped this addictive publisher habit in its tracks.

Opinion: Art and business – Gaming’s greatest struggle

Gaming is having a battle with itself at the moment. Does it want to be an artform, or a corporate entity focused purely on profit?

Blizzard CEO says Overwatch loot boxes don’t belong in the current controversy

Morhaime says there is nothing wrong with crates that have a randomised pool of items.

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