Mafia III

The remastered Mafia Trilogy has officially been announced

All three crime stories in one convenient package.

August’s PS Plus lineup adds two additional games for you to enjoy

This month, you will be able to exact revenge on those that betrayed you, or if that's not your thing, you can have the living daylights scared out of you.

PC Port Test: Mafia 3

You have probably read Dawid’s review of Mafia 3 already, so I am not going to spend extra time going over the game’s good story getting bogged behind tedious busywork. Instead let us look at how it runs on PC. Welcome to New Bored though! The first issue was the game being locked at 30 fps on PC. A patch was released that removed the limit, allowing for more control over the graphics ...

Games releasing in October – With more predictions

Welcome to October, rAge month, month where the best people are born (myself, and I guess Dawid too…) and another month filled with lots and lots of new releases. So to keep you up to speed with the games you should be looking out for this month carry on reading below. As always I have included my predictions… which can of course be totally wrong. Mafia III (PS4, XBO, PC) – 7 Oct...

Thomas Burke & Cassandra join Mafia III

Building up to the Mafia III release later this year 2K are releasing six videos that showcase various characters and aspects of the game’s story. Last month we were introduced to Lincoln Clay but since then we have two new updates. Firstly we are introduced to Thomas “the anarchist” Burke. Leader of an Irish Syndicate and all round not bad ass. [quote]”A lifetime of drinki...

Mafia III Details Coming Soon

Five years after Mafia II was released we finally hear some concrete information regarding the highly anticipated ‘Mafia III‘. 2K Games have confirmed via their Twitter account that Mafia III is in fact in the works and that more will be revealed on August 5th. See the worldwide reveal of the #Mafia3 announcement trailer on 8/5/15 here:

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