Mario Kart

10 iconic modes of transport from video games

Ladies and gentlemen. Start your... engines?

Team Sonic Racing roster grows by three

Three Sonic's villains are ready to race...

Tokyo court brings MariCar-ting in Japan to an end

"Because it'sa-nota-Me..." the Real Mario.

LABO has a new vehicle-themed kit

Planes, Submarines and Automobiles...

Mario Kart has been recreated in Fortnite

Woo Hoo! It's a me, Fortnite Kart.

10 of the best fictional race tracks

Fictional racing tracks that will go down in history as some of the best

Shovel Knight devs asking fans what their next game should be

An amazing thing in the current age of Video Games is that developers now interact directly with the fans, especially with indie game studios. Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight, have put up a poll to see what fans want their next game to be, engaging in a whole new way where fan feedback really matters. We're always talking about what games we want to make next. We thought you might ...

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