[Update] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’s launch on Switch was 56% better than on the Wii U

Nintendo is resurrecting their Wii U titles with scary efficiency.

Top five video game mascots

What character typifies your favourite console maker?

Opinion: Why are Japanese games so ‘weird’?

Japan is filled with the weird and the wonderful. But exactly why is it considered "weird"?

Odyssey producer finally settles Toad head vs hat debate

The hat or the head... that is the question.

Super Mario Run is not ‘acceptably profitable’ despite 200 million downloads

Despite being downloaded by the same number of people as there are in Brazil, Super Mario Run is apparently not yet profitable.

Your favourite Italian plumber ditches the wrench, is now just cool

If you are a fan of the rotund Italian plumber, you need to stop thinking of him fixing pipes and cleaning drains. Apparently Mario ditched having a proper job ages ago and just like everyone else, he forgot to update his LinkedIn account. According to his official profile (Japanese) he hasn’t been a plumber for a while. It seems that saving a princess and a whole kingdom several times over ...

GameCube emulator working wonderfully on Galaxy S8

Emulators and mobile phones have been a strong pairing for a long time. Each new generation of smart phone seems to bring whole new possibilities and now it is getting crazier. GuruAidTechSupport uploaded a video that has gotten the internet buzzing, showing off full GameCube games running off the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The emulator in question is Dolphin, one of the most respected emulators ...

11 Games that defined a console

When I say ‘PSOne’, the first thing that will pop into your head will either be, the grey box that sat under your parents’ TV set, or a specific game that was launched during the time of that console. So, I decided to take on the monumental task of listing the iconic games that defined some of the most successful consoles. Actually, I just went with what popped into my head first...

Voice Actor Tuesday: Charles Martinet

If you have played a Nintendo game before, you have probably heard this man’s voice. Charles Martinet, to me, is Mario. Ever since 1995, if you heard Mario speak, it was this man bringing life to the character. For a character that doesn’t really talk, Mario has a tonne of character, and that is brought to life by the screams, cheers and joyous outbursts that Charles has turned into a ...

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