Mass Effect 2

Revisiting Mass Effect 2

Squad up and dress nice.

Bianca’s top 10 of the decade

A pretty good decade, right?

Charlie’s top 10 games of the decade

A list filled with adventure.

11 of the best introduction levels in video games

The first few minutes of a game can make or break your opinion, here are some that got it right.

The Burning Question: How do you feel about paid DLC?

DLC is here to say, but do you think it's improved these days?

Burning Question: What makes a video game character great?

What makes you cheer a character on, or let them become a part of your life?

Donald Trump uses Mass Effect 2 trailer to promote his campaign

Donald Trump is certainly full of surprises, it seems like there is nothing the man won’t say. Well if you think Mr Trump’s campaign has been strange so far wait to you see the video that he tweeted from his official Twitter account. The video was apparently made by someone that is not involved with Mr Trumps campaign, and many people think that the video was an attempt at trolling Mr ...

Mass Effect 2, Beyond Good & Evil included in November’s PS+ games

We’ve been pretty fortunate on the load shedding front for a while now, but this week it was Sony’s turn to keep us in the dark as the weekend approached as we had no formal announcement on November’s PS+ games. Sony eventually pulled through on Friday with the announcement that, among others, we’ll be seeing Clementine, Jade, and Commander Shepard join the PS+ ranks in Nov...

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