SA Gamer Awards 2019 – Best Remake

Sometimes you need today's tech to bring out the best of older games.

Review: MediEvil (PS4 Pro)

Eye-popping stuff.

The MediEvil remake has gone gold

Sir Daniel Fortesque has a bone to pick with you.

Original music composers will be returning for MediEvil remake

This is music to the ear(bone)s for Sir Daniel Fortesque

The MediEvil PS4 remake upgrade will make your left eye pop out

Here is your reminder that the PS1 version isn't quite how you might remember it.

Some MediEvil remastered details leaked ahead of Halloween reveal

You might want to keep an eye out for Sir Daniel Fortesque's new trailer on Halloween.

MediEvil is being brought back from the grave for the PS4

Sir Daniel Fortesque returns to save the day!

Blast from the Past: Medievil (PS1)

Is Sir Daniel Fortesque still as useless as he used to be?

We aren’t getting a new MediEvil game after all

Do you ever get the feeling like the bad news just doesn’t stop coming in? Adding to the disappointments and cancellations of 2015, it turns out the the “leaked” video released last week that got our hopes up for a new MediEvil game was a fake and was actually made by a fan using Unreal Engine 4. It seems that the creator of the video was eager to get the attention of Sony in ord...

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