Free Games Vrydag winner gets the Final laugh

We're sending another person to Ivalice, come find out if it is you.

Free Games Vrydag winner had the right Zodiac

Who has won an all expense paid trip to Ivalice? Come inside to find out.

Free Games Vrydag winners resurrected

Exploding corpses, bone spears and helpful golems await inside.

Free Games Vrydag Winner Tekkened

There haven't been enough Tekken puns, so here we go! Baby I'm still free, Tekken a chance on me. If Ken ever got turned into a robot, he would be Tech-Ken. Destiny's best expansion was The Tekken King, Armor King's dad. Will we ever see Liam Neeson in another Tekken movie? Hello officer, wait no please I will stop. now.

Free Games Vrydag Winner’s Soul Darkened

Will you be praising the sun, or cursing at

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Nisha Walkthrough

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is, er… a prequel to ever popular Borderlands games that have released previously. Now while I have never quite been able to get into the Borderlands games I do realise I am in a minority. Many love the games with its wacky humour, characters and of course its addictive gameplay. The pre-sequel looks all kinds of ridiculous and is sure to keep fans happy for a whil...

Review: Destiny (PS4)

Destiny is defined by what you are prepared to make of it. Simple as that.

Destiny Via Remote Play Is Looking Good

We are almost there girls and guys. Destiny launches tomorrow and the long wait is finally at its end. If you are not excited yet then I am sure you are about to be as the clock ticks down until release. The excitement is just TOO MUCH! Anyway, before we get carried away with excitement, and I am unable to write coherent sentences, I want to draw your attention to the video below. You will know, o...

Take a Look at Destiny’s Exodus Blue Map

Destiny is less than a week away (cue screams of utter delight) and as the release day gets closer and closer Bungie are releasing more videos to show us just what we have to look forward to. In the latest video we get a look at a new multiplayer map called Exodus Blue. This map takes place on Old Russia on planet Earth and it looks like it has that signature Bungie design. If you watch the video ...

Is Evolve Still Flying Under Your Radar?

We did a post the other day showcasing one of the monsters from Evolve in a trailer, and there was some feedback in the comments suggesting a bit of disinterest in the game. It got me wondering whether this is a common conception around the gaming circles or is it limited to a few people? Now with the delay to 2015 it might perhaps fall more in line with your buying schedule. Personally, I didn’t ...

Kyle invades a Megarom function…

Out of all the writers here at SA Gamer Kyle is the only writer who resides in the city where the mountain is flat along with the coldest water on earth. So when a function takes place in Johannesburg he’s always the one missing out. We had other plans and Kyle managed to attend the event… perhaps not quite in the form you’d expect.

Trade-in your old junk for SteelSeries products in the month of July

By now I’m sure you would have seen the manly man with the beard, and SteelSeries products tied around him, down the side of the site? Well, it’s a campaign being run by SteelSeries South Africa that will allow you to trade in your old stuff for new peripherals. You can get up to 30% back on any headphones (with all your ear goo), mouse and keyboards. If you were thinking of upgrading ...

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