Metal Gear Solid

Meet A SA Gamer – Shala

Right in the "feels"...

Come listen to a Christmas Metal Gear Solid poem, read by Liquid and Solid Snake

Time to get merry with David Hayter and Cam Clarke

The Burning Question: What game do you wish you could wipe from memory and experience for the first time again?

You've used the flashy thing and wiped your memory. What game do you re-play first?

Eight iconic video game sound clips that are now probably your ringtone

'Ring Ring' isn't good enough... We have nostalgia calling.

Five cybersmart video game characters

Five characters in video games who won't easily be scammed.

John Cygan, the voice behind Solidus Snake, has passed away

Talented voice actor John Cygan passed away at age 63.

Burning Question: Which video game ending disappointed you the most?

As gamers we put in a lot of time playing and completing games. We can easily spend up to 10 hours on a decent game, but that number can increase to 30 – 40 hours for larger games. So when you finally reach the finish line and the ending isn’t exactly a winner, it can sometimes leave a sour taste in what could’ve been a great game. Sometimes the journey is more than just the endi...

Hideo Kojima shares his thoughts on Metal Gear Survive

Seems like we’re not the only ones getting a WTF vibe from the new Metal Gear Survive game. Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear series, shared some of his thoughts on the game, and they pretty much mirror what everyone else is thinking: “Why zombies?” According to a post on IGN, when asked about the new Konami game, Kojima had this to say: [quote]The Metal Gear games are ...

6 Games that made great use of the Fourth Wall

What exactly is ‘the fourth wall’ you ask? Well, when actors (or in this case game characters) act out on stage there is an imaginary wall between them and the audience – in this case it’s you, the player. They pretend that you’re not there and merely a spectator or fly on the wall… but sometimes they breach that fourth wall and interact with you directly. These...

Burning Question: Which gaming franchise would you end?

I’ve been thinking about many of the games that have come out over the years, especially all the sequels, reboots and remasters. As much as I adore replaying many remastered games (The Last of Us, Uncharted Collection) and jumping into another sequel, I wondered if there would be any franchises I’d cut? We usually try to keep franchises alive for as long as possible, but what if weR...

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