Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter expects PS5 to launch in 2019 and will be “half a step” generation jump

What's that? You just bought your PS4 Pro? Soon you might have to save for the PS5.

Analyst doubts Pokémon GO’s longevity

The often controversial analyst Michael Pachter has recently spoken to Bloomberg Technology regarding his thoughts on the current Pokémon GO phenomenon. Pachter stated that the latest mobile craze will more than likely be a chart topper for four months before becoming insignificant. [quote]The game requires couch potatoes to get off the couch, and the novelty will wear off when they get tired or w...

Michael Pachter predicts $400 PlayStation VR price point

Michael Pachter has made some outrageous predictions in the past for hardware launches and, though some fell flat, most of his predictions generally end up being right on the money. He predicted that Nintendo’s Wii U would fail miserably  ahead of launch and he also said that Microsoft would eventually remove Kinect to match the price of the PS4, even before the Xbox One launched, and itR...

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