Microsoft wins at the PlayStation Awards. Wait, what?

It's kind of sweet when you take your rival's rewards...

Don’t expect Cuphead to be a one-hit wonder

You think the cup has run dry for this charming indie title? Think again.

Wanna play Halo on your PS4? That’s not such a far-fetched idea as it might seem

We might get Microsoft games on PS4, but don't hold your breath.

Xbox executive defends the Exclusive line-up for the Xbox One X

Shannon Loftis says they are aware of Xbox fans' need for exclusives.

ID@Xbox programme rakes in $500,000,000

Seems the small fry are bringing in the big money for Microsoft.

NIS America says Microsoft isn’t supporting Japanese games

Ever felt like the Xbox One was nissing something?

Phil Spencer joins Microsoft’s top leadership team

Microsoft is showing dedication to the gaming brand by adding Phil Spencer to the top leadership team.

YouTuber looks back at the History of the Red Ring of Death

Stop Skeletons From Fighting takes a look at the infamous hardware blunder and how Microsoft saved the Xbox brand.

The Burning Question: How important are exclusives to you?

Exclusive! Whoa! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely everything or nothing?

The original Xbox One is being discontinued

The giant black box will be a thing of the past with its shiny successors replacing it.

Xbox One X local release date unclear, and ZA cost removed from official site

Xbox One X details are up in the air for local launch in South Africa.

Relic Entertainment is bringing us Age of Empires IV

Get ready to battle through the ages of wololo again.

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