Microsoft and Nintendo revel in more cross-play fun at the obvious expense of their rival

Hey Sony - guess who is playing nicely and making you look bad...?

Opinion: The meteoric rise of Battle Royale games and what effect they will have

The chicken dinners are plentiful right now, but will this Battle Royale bubble explode into something sour?

Ever heard of a little game called Minecraft? Well, it just hit 144 Million Copies sold

Who knew building blocks would outnumber bullets in 2018?

Microsoft wins at the PlayStation Awards. Wait, what?

It's kind of sweet when you take your rival's rewards...

Sony provides defence for refusing cross-play

Sony wants to protect your children from the evils of online, or something.

Minecraft would have had cross-play with PS4, but Sony refused

Microsoft is seeking to unify Minecraft players on all platforms, but Sony is being difficult.

Minecraft: Story Mode’s second season gets a classification in Australia

Telltale will most likely continue their blocky adventure in a new season.

Minecraft is getting its own flea market

This might surprise you, but I’ve been quite a fan of Minecraft in the past. The simple game where the world was your blocky oyster had quite the pull. Create anything you want, explore places, have a Creeper blow up in your face. Mojang walked into a winning formula rather early and Minecraft has since become a global phenomenon, selling millions and still going strong. A huge part of Minec...

NieR: Automata’s strong sales on PC and Directors dreams of Vita 2

NieR: Automata is one of those games that broke through the niche barrier often found with Japanese titles. A weird, off-the-wall action game with a female lead in outlandish attire would usually be adopted by a small audience but director Yoko Taro’s latest game has already become a success. This is both critically (check out our review here) and now sales wise. According to SteamSpy, a website d...

The PS Vita is having a bit of a resurgence in Japan, all thanks to Minecraft

The PS Vita is a wonderful handheld that got so tragically shafted that you can’t help but feel a pang of sadness for its short spotlight of relevancy. It’s powerful, it’s well designed and the potential for mobile gaming was endless. I’d even argue that a second generation Vita could have been a direct competitor to the Nintendo Switch. You got so many great games on there...

A YouTuber created an Atari 2600 emulator in Minecraft

I have no idea how Minecraft fanatics do the things they do, but I have to admit, some of the stuff is pretty incredible, like this dude’s work. YouTuber, SethBling, managed to create a working, albeit slow, Atari 2600 emulator inside Minecraft. And if that doesn’t sound too impressive, then maybe this will change your mind: he did it without any mods. I don’t quite understand ho...

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