Five games where the grind is actually fun

Trying to reach max level or getting legendary items doesn't always have to be boring. Here are some games that do grinding right.

MMORPG Tera getting an open beta on console in March

Finally a MMORPG that console players might be able to enjoy

Check the trailer for AIR, the MMORPG from Bluehole Studios

Is this another cumbersome MMO, or a breath of fresh air?

Returning to Elder Scrolls Online, a Morrowind story

If you shelved ESO or never went there at all, it might be time to rethink that.

Final Fantasy XIV plans to shake up tanks, healers and more soon

If you have been playing Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, you are possibly at the point where you are starting to notice discrepancies between your class and those around you. A lack of DPS or support abilities, certain tanks being favoured over others in group composition and gear irregularities. The latest Letter from the Producer live (Part XXXVII) featured producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and co...

Beware the deadly politics of Morrowind

The three Great Houses either own or influence everything and you just landed right in the middle of it. Be prepared for the world of politics where assassins are legal.

Get a taste of the gameplay as Elder Scrolls Online prepares for Morrowind

Later this year Elder Scrolls Online players will be heading to Morrowind and while the cinematic trailer shows the kind of trouble players will be up against, what does it all look like in-game? Here is the first gameplay trailer for the expansion. If you played Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind you probably got a strong sense of nostalgia watching this, with familiar locations and enemies coming back...

Final Fantasy XIV is finally getting the samurai class

It feels like every time new job classes are mentioned, people hop onto forums and ask for samurai. Fear not, your cries are finally being answered. In the Stormblood expansion, two new jobs will join the roster: red mage and samurai. After playing the full Stormblood trailer at this weekend’s Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Frankfurt, Naoki Yoshida arrived on stage in full samurai outfit. He k...

Video: The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Morrowind in June

If you are an Elder Scrolls fan, there is probably a soft spot in your heart for Morrowind. You are not alone in that, it seems as the Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Morrowind next. This new chapter introduces a new class, the Warden. The Warden uses nature-based magic and a War Bear to rip enemies apart. It also adds a chunk of story, with over 30 hours of main story content being touted for ...

Four reasons why Legion keeps me going back every day

Hey it is my turn to do the list again! I hate lists, especially ones that have to be in any specific order. So I am subverting the list again this time (like I did with the composer “list” and hijacking this slot to tell you about something I have been putting a lot of time into). You guessed it, I am posting about World of Warcraft. So here are some of the reasons I think Legion still has strong...

Review: World of Warcraft: Legion (PC)

World of Warcraft is back with a bang with its best expansion ever. Let's send the Burning Legion back home in little pieces.

Blizzard details first two months of Legion content

With World of Warcraft: Legion around the corner, it is time to get serious about our timetables. The sixth expansion to the MMO launches on August 30th, and Blizzard has already detailed the first two months of content to look forward to. From day one dungeons will be immediately available on both normal and heroic difficulties. Mythic dungeons will be available after the weekly dungeon reset tim...

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