Impose the wrath of Smite’s gods on Switch early 2019

MOBA fans will have a Smite Nintendo Entertainment System next year.

Heroes of the Storm now has voice chat (for some reason)

Nobody could hear you scream until they opted in.

Heroes of the Storm is finally getting fan favourite Kel’Thuzad

Betrayer of humanity is here, and he is still inspiring betrayal wherever he goes.

Dota 2 is finally getting some co-op story missions

Dota 2 with friends and story? Almost sounds too good to be true.

BlizzCon 2016: Get ready for Varian Wrynn, Ragnaros and Blackheart’s revenge in Heroes of the Storm

Even as a Horde player, losing Varian Wrynn in Legion was a tough blow. The demons have stolen so many great heroes from us. His soul lives on though, in the Nexus. Varian Wrynn is another chance for Heroes of the Storm to break the rules of the MOBA genre. Varian is the first multi-class hero in the game, letting you play him in three very different ways depending on talent choices. Assassin, Swo...

Kill Strain releasing on PS4 in July

San Diego Studios announced that its Free-to-Play twin-stick MOBA shooter, Kill Strain will be available for download on PS4 in July. PS Plus members will be able to download it from 12 July, and it will become available for everyone from 19 July. The game is currently available with limited access, and the developers said they will be sending out more invites in the coming weeks: [quote] Kill Str...

Review: Battleborn (Xbox One)

Battleborn is a decent enough game, but it falls a bit short on many fronts

Paragon Open Beta Dated

You may not have been following it, but Epic Games, the guys that brought us Gears of War, are releasing an action MOBA called Paragon later this year. The videos and trailers we have seen so far look very impressive and there are high hopes that the game will be very well received when it eventually releases. The good news is that we will get a taste of the action before the final release as Epic...

Tracer will be in Heroes of the Storm before Overwatch even launches

Often a character gets to make a debut in their own game first before appearing in another game, but if anyone can pull off some wibbly-wobbly abuse of the timeline, it is Tracer. Tracer, for those who don’t know about her, is the poster girl for Overwatch, Blizzard’s upcoming hero shooter. She zips across the battlefield and using time manipulation to get out of trouble or up close an...

League of Legends makes a smartphone app that… could be more useful

Sometimes you need to step away from the PC, to go to the bathroom, or get something to drink. But what if someone wants to play League of Legends with you? Avoid having this issue again with a new smartphone app. Riot Game’s app, League Friends, will let you talk to your friend list as well as receive push notifications that someone invited you to a game. Besides that there isn’t much...

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